Airtel Loan – How To Get Talktime Or Data Loan In Airtel

Airtel loan code or number – Airtel has launched another beneficial service i.e. airtel advance talktime or data service which can save your from lot of trouble. This service allows users to get airtel Rs 10 talktime as an advance talktime or loan when their balance is low. You may be having some questions in mind about loan code for airtel and how to return loan and similar questions. Right? In this article, we are going to answer your all questions.

Airtel Loan Number

The loan or advance talktime service offered by telecom operators comes very handy in case of emergency. Sometimes, the situations arises when you need to call or message someone urgently but you don’t have talktime in your account. In that situations, you can save yourself from begging other people for their mobile phones to make a phone call if you knew Airtel loan code.

By dialing loan code for airtel, you can get airtel advance talktime within seconds which can save you from any awkward situations that we have discussed above. Airtel offers two types of loan and in this article, we are going to tell you both loan code for airtel through which you can get talktime loan as well as data loan code.

Advance talktime service is not available for all users. Yes, you heard it right. You must follow some conditions of Airtel to become eligible to take loan from Airtel and only eligible users are going to get the loan. Now, we are going to tell you the conditions that you need to fulfill to take loan from Airtel.

Conditions required to take Airtel Loan :-

1) You should be using Airtel services for more than 3 months.

2) Airtel talktime loan & airtel data loan service is available for Airtel prepaid customer only so you must be Airtel prepaid customer.

3) You shouldn’t have balance more than Rs 5.

4) You shouldn’t have any outstanding loan balance.

So, these are the four conditions that every one must fulfil in order to take Airtel talktime loan or airtel internet loan. Now, we are going to share loan code for airtel through which you can get loan in airtel within few minutes.

How to Take loan in Airtel :-

There are 3 methods :

  • Toll free number
  • USSD Code or loan code
  • MyAirtel App

Airtel Loan Number (Rs 10 talktime loan):

1) Dial 52141

2) After call is connect, you will hear some options.

3) Select the option which is talking about advance talktime

4) Follow further steps

That’s it.

Airtel Loan Code / USSD Code (Rs 10 talktime loan):

1) Dial *141#

2) Reply with 2 i.e. second option for airtel advance talktime

3) Confirm the process by replying with 1.

That’s it. You will get Rs 10 loan within few minutes.

How to get Airtel Loan using MyAirtel app :-

1) Download My Airtel App

2) Open the app

3) Login or create new account

4) On the homepage of the app, scroll down to the bottom and you will see this option – ‘Advance talk time & data’

Airtel Loan Number (Airtel credit) - How To Get Talktime Or Data Loan

5) Click on “GET NOW”

6) Now, you will see 3 options there i.e. advance talktime, advance internet & gift card.

Airtel Loan Number (Airtel credit) - How To Get Talktime Or Data Loan

7) Select the type of loan service you want to activate on your mobile number

8) On the next page, select your mobile number

That’s it. Respective loan service will be activated on your mobile number if you are eligible within few seconds.

Till now, we have told you the conditions to get loan and airtel loan number or loan code. Now we are going to tell you about returning the loan amount back to Airtel and what are the charges that Airtel takes for providing loan service.

How to return loan taken from Airtel :-

Returning the loan is even easier than getting the loan using airtel loan number. Yes, you heard it right. Telecom companies collect their loan amount + charges directly from user’s account. User just need to recharge their prepaid mobile number with any top recharge and the money of loan amount + charges will be deducted automatically from the balance.

Here are the charges for airtel Rs 10 talktime loan and airtel 50MB internet data loan.

Loan Charges
Rs 10 talktime loan You will get charged Rs 13 (Rs 10 as loan amount and Rs 3 as charges)
50MB 2G data loan You will get charged Rs 15 for taking internet loan from airtel

Loan codes of other network :

Final Words :-

We have shared all the details about airtel loan code or loan number. If you face any kind of issues or have any questions in your mind then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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