How To Check Airtel Network Coverage In Your Area

Airtel Open Network – Hello guys, I hope everyone is doing great. Today, I have found a method through which you can check airtel 2G, 3G, 4G network coverage in your area. You can check in which area network is good and in which area network is bad and all this can be done using open network portal by airtel.

About Airtel Open Network :-

Airtel is one of the most popular telecom service provider company in India and it is continously improving it’s service day by day. Recently, Airtel has launched a new project i.e. Project Leap in which airtel took the first brave step in building a truly transparent network. Here, transparent network means that you will have access to airtel tower maps and can see airtel weak spots, airtel strong signal zones, high- speed internet and more.

Yes, you will get every information regarding towers i.e. where are existing airtel towers installed, which towers is upgrading, which area needs tower installation and in which area airtel tower is forcibly shutdown.

Benefits Of Open Network Airtel :-

This portal is beneficial for both users and business.

Benefits for business man :-

Airtel open network portal proves to be a very imporant factor for business man to look out for opportunities. Well, this portal shows all the information regarding where towers are installed, where towers are upgrading and where towers needs to be installed. And they can make decision accordingly. Even, business man can partner with airtel by seeing their improvement in service and their steps towards customer satisfaction.

Benefits for user :-

User can save himself from facing network issues. Well, there are some areas where mobile hardly catches any airtel network and due to which we have problems like call not connecting, internet not working , SMS not sending etc and this situation become worse when you live in that area and you are using airtel sim. In that case, the only option left for you, is to port to another network. Well, why do you want to face this problem and waste your precious time when you can check the network availability before buying any airtel network related product whether it is sim, broadband, hotspot or any other thing.

Main Benefit :-

Suppose, you are facing issues of network coverage in your area then you can simply contact open network customer care support and tell them your issue. They will take steps to improve their network coverage in your area.

So, now we are going to share the steps through which you can simply check airtel network coverage in your area within few seconds.

How To Check Airtel Network Coverage Using Airtel Open Network Platform :-

1) Go to Airtel Website

2) You will see google maps on the airtel website. Just, enter your location or simply click on icon below.

Airtel Open Network

3) Allow airtel website to have access to your location.

4) Now, you will see the airtel towers in your area. Check out the image below.

Open Network Airtel

5) In this above images, you will be seeing lot of towers in different color. Here is the meaning of these colors.

  • Red color – Existing Tower
  • Blue color – Towers Upgrading
  • White color – Towers Needed
  • Grey color – Towers Forcibly Shutdown

6) You see that, I have excellent network coverage in my area.

Network Coverage

That’s it. Using these steps, you can also check airtel network coverage in your area.

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Final Words :-

We have shared all the details that how can you use airtel open network platform to check airtel network coverage in your area. If you still have any kind of issue then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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