Airtel VoLTE Activation Process – Problems & Solutions

Are you searching for Airtel VoLTE Activation Process? If yes, then you at right place as here we are going to share all the details about airtel VoLTE Beta and how to activate airtel VoLTE in your smartphones. We are also going to share some common problems that you may and share their solutions so that you can activate VoLTE services of airtel without any issues.

Airtel VoLTE Activation Process

Airtel has launched it’s new services i.e. Airtel VoLTE in which customers can experience HD quality crystal clear voice with faster call setup time. While using VoLTE services, users can continue to have un-interrupted high-speed 4G internet experience. Currently, airtel VoLTE is in it’s beta version and it is on testing so this service has been launched in few states only and only few smartphones are supporting airtel VoLTE but soon, It will be going to be launched on all the states.

Before explaining airtel VoLTE beta activation process, we are going to explain details about airtel VoLTE.

What is Airtel VoLTE Beta :

Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals – including IoT devices and wearables. Airtel VoLTE can help customer have HD voice calling, faster call setup and high speed 4G internet experience. The call connecting is 3 times more faster using VoLTE services. Sometimes, you have noticed that your internet disconnects when your are on a call but VoLTE services allows you to have un-interrupted high-speed 4G internet experience.

Benefits of VoLTE Beta :-

Airtel VoLTE Benefits

These are the benefits :-

  • HD Voice Calls – Get high quality voice on all calls over VoLTE.
  • Faster Call Connect – Normally you need to wait for sometime, to get your call connected to other party but with this new service, you will be able to connect 3 times faster than normal call.
  • Multi-Tasking – Sometimes, you have noticed that your internet disconnects when your are on a call but VoLTE services allows you to have un-interrupted high-speed 4G internet experience.

So, we have shared the details of airtel VoLTE and it’s benefits. Now, we are going to share airtel VoLTE activation process through which you can activate VoLTE services on your airtel mobile number.

Airtel VoLTE Beta Activation Process, Problems & Solutions :-

Firstly, we are going to discuss the requirement to get VoLTE feature activated on your airtel mobile number and your smartphones.

Requirements For Activating VoLTE Service In Airtel :-

Airtel 4G Sim : Users must have airtel 4G sim activated. If you are still on 3G then go to your nearest airtel store and you will get your airtel 3G sim converted to airtel 4G sim within 30 minutes.

Sim must be inserted in 4G sim slot – There are some devices that are dual sim but they support 4G network on only once sim slot. So, you must have inserted your airtel sim in 4G sim slot to activate this service.

VoLTE feature in your smartphone :- Your smartphone must support VoLTE feature. If you smartphone doesn’t support VoLTE then you won’t be able to use airtel VoLTE services even if airtel VoLTE is activate on your mobile number.

So, these are the things that you must have on your checklist before going further. Now, we are going to guide you how to activate this service on your airtel mobile number.

Airtel VoLTE Activation Process :-

Currently, VoLTE services of airtel are on beta testing and airtel VoLTE beta program is available in few states only. So, before activating this services on your mobile number, you must check whether it is eligible in your state or not and after that we are going to tell you how to activate airtel VoLTE on your mobile number.

How to Activate Airtel VoLTE Beta on Airtel Number :-

1) Go to Airtel Website From Here

2) You will see this screen : “Validate mobile number”

Airtel VoLTE Number Eligibility

3) Enter your mobile number and click on “Check Eligibility”

4) An OTP will be sent to your number if you are eligible. Simply enter OTP on the website and click on “validate”

5) That’s it. Now, VoLTE services will get activated and you will see this message.

Airtel VoLTE Activated

The Airtel VoLTE beta program will get activated on your mobile number but you will not be able to use VoLTE services until you activate VoLTE on your smartphones. To activate VoLTE in your smartphone simply follow the steps below.

How to Activate VoLTE in Smartphones To Use Airtel VoLTE Beta :-

1) Open settings in your android mobile phone

2) Go to Sim Settings

3) You will see a option like this :-

How to Activate VoLTE in Smartphones To Use Airtel VoLTE Beta

4) Simply turn it on and select “Airtel” sim as your default

That’s it. VoLTE services will get activated on your smartphone.

For many users, the airtel VoLTE activation process will go on smoothy but for some users it may become a problem. They may face many problems while activating this service on their smartphones. Don’t worry about it as we have found some problems that users may face and we have also find the solutions of these problems.

Problems You May Face While Airtel VoLTE Activation Process :-

Why I am not seeing “VoLTE” in my smartphone ?

Well, you need to activate the VoLTE in your smartphone. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Mobile Network
  3. You will see a option to activate VoLTE in your smartphone
  4. Simply enable that option.

My phones doesn’t support “VoLTE” now so how can I activate VoLTE on my mobile number ?

If you device doesn’t support VoLTE now then you must check whether you OS has any latest update or not. To check the mobile OS update simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and click on “About”
  3. Click on “Check system update”
  4. If there is any update, simply update your device.
  5. That’s it. You will get VoLTE feature enabled in your smartphone.

Why I am getting “Hi there! Airtel VoLTE is currently unavailable on your number. We will reach out to you when it is rolled out for you.” error while entering mobile number for OTP?

This error means that your state or city doesn’t support airtel VoLTE service now. You will need to wait until airtel roll out the service in your state or city too.

These are the problems that you have founded till now. If you face any other problem then please comment below. We will find the solution and update this post.

Frequently Answer Questions (FAQ) :-

Q1. What is Airtel VoLTE Beta Program?

Airtel VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Beta program is a 90 days testing & optimization phase of Airtel’s VoLTE services with a select user base who are partnering to build a truly great network.

Q2. What is the difference between normal voice calls & VoLTE?

Airtel VoLTE users will experience true HD voice. Airtel customers with VoLTE services can experience superior call quality and faster call setup time compared to normal voice calls.

Q3. How can I identify if I am using VoLTE service?

Android users can see “HD/VoLTE” icon on the top bar of the screen, which indicates that their phone is ready for VoLTE calls. For iOS users there is no visual representation. However, they can verify VoLTE-readiness through the settings under mobile data.*

For iOS: Settings → Mobile Data → Mobile Data Options → Enable 4G → Turn on Voice & Data

For Android: Settings → Settings → Mobile Network → Turn on VoLTE call

*These settings may differ from one handset manufacturer to another. In case you need assistance, please call 121.

Q4. Will my current 4G smartphone support VoLTE services?

Yes, your existing 4G smartphone can be used to experience Airtel VoLTE services as long as you have completed the

Q5. Is Airtel VoLTE available in my town?

Airtel VoLTE service is currently available only in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Karnataka and Chennai.

VoLTE Beta service is available in Haryana, UP East, NESA, West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, Assam, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi & Punjab for a select user base.

Q7. Will VoLTE in Airtel calls consume data?

No. Airtel VoLTE calls will be charged as per your existing voice plan / pack and would not consume any additional data.

Q8. Do I need a special pack to use Airtel VoLTE?

No. Your existing plan will support all the VoLTE services

Q9. My friend does not have a phone that supports Airtel VoLTE. Can I still make calls to him/her using Airtel VoLTE?

Yes, you can make VoLTE calls to any phone on any other network just like the voice normal calls.

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Final Words :-

We have shared every single detaisl you need to know about airtel VoLTE activation process. If you still have any kind of issues of problem then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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