Trick To Convert Mobikwik Super Cash Into Wallet Balance

Mobikwik Super Cash Use Trick – Do you have mobikwik supercash in your mobikwik wallet and want to use it or get it converted to wallet cash? If yes, then you will be happy hearing this that we have got a trick to convert mobikwik supercash to mobikwik wallet balance. In this article, we are going to show you how to use this offer to fully use your super cash.

Mobikwik Offers

Mobikwik is one of the most popular recharge portal in India having millions of users but now, users are not preferring mobikwik wallet for making transactions online. Previously, mobikwik used to offer cashback on mobile recharge, bills payment and on adding money in wallet but after the launch of mobikwik supercash, users try not to use mobikwik wallet if they are getting cashback on other recharge portal.

Well, why users are not preferring mobikwik supercash instead they transact on other websites with lower cashback. The main reason behind this issue is a new feature launched by mobikwik i.e. Mobikwik SuperCash in which they have started giving their users super cash on their transaction instead of cashback. Now, the questions arises what is mobikwik super cash? Don’t worry as we are going to explain what mobikwik super cash is and after that, we are going to share mobikwik super cash use trick or trick to convert mobikwik supercash to wallet balance.

What is Mobikwik Super Cash :-

SuperCash is a way of ensuring that you get a discount on each transaction. SuperCash works on the same lines as cashback, only difference being it gives you 5% discount on every transaction. For instance, you have ₹10,000 as available balance & ₹600 as SuperCash in your wallet. Now, while making a transaction of ₹5,000, you use 5% of your total transaction value i.e. ₹250.

So, you must have understood the concept of mobikwik super cash. Mobikwik wants to give users discount on every single transactions they make which can’t be possible in case of normal cash. Users can get cashback on their transaction only if there are mobikwik cashback offers running live and if there are no cashback offers then users need to pay the whole amount. So, mobikwik has replaced that normal cashback with supercash.

But, if mobikwik is thinking soo much for their users then why not users are happy with super cash? Well, the reason is the difference between normal cash and mobikwik supercash. Now, I am going to explain this to you.

Difference Between Mobikwik Cashback & Mobikwik Super Cash :-

Let’s get it straight. Mobikwik cashback is 100% fully redeemable but mobikwik super cash is not fully redeemable. Suppose, you got Rs 50 cashback on your recharge at mobikwik. In this normal cashback case, you can use Rs 50 cashback to make another mobile recharge transaction so you got Rs 100 free recharge by paying Rs 50 only but it is not as same in case of mobikwik supercash. In case of mobikwik supercash, users will get Rs 50 super cash on their mobile recharge of Rs 50. But, if they try to make another transaction using super cash then they just can’t because mobikwik supercash is not fully redeemable.

To use full mobikwik supercash at single transactions, users keeps finding mobikwik super cash use trick or trick to convert mobikwik super cash so that they can fully use mobikwik super cash. And now, we are going to share the trick to convert mobikwik super cash to mobikwik wallet balance.

Note – This is the official method to convert mobikwik supercash.

Before showing you mobikwik supercash transfer trick, I would like to share the terms and conditions of this mobikwik supercash transfer trick.

Mobikwik Super Cash Convert or Use Trick Details :-

In this trick, you need to purchase scratch card on mobikwik app using your mobikwik supercash balance and the amount you get on your scratch card will get converted to mobikwik wallet balance.

Here are the terms of this offer :-

  1. Scratch Cards can be purchase on sunday only.
  2. Scratch the card and convert super cash into wallet balance.
  3. You must have done complete KYC of your mobikwik wallet i.e. using aadhaar card.
  4. If you are a non-KYC user then you won’t be able to scratch the card.
  5. Once the user has claimed the card, he will not be able to refund or exchange that card.
  6. Only 1 card can be purchase per month.
  7. You will get super cash worth Rs 1 to Rs 100 converted to mobikwik wallet balance.

Now, we are going to share the steps to transfer mobikwik super cash into wallet balance.

How To Convert Mobikwik Super Cash Into Wallet Balance :-

1) Download Mobikwik App From Here or Update to latest version.

2) Open the app

3) Login to your account

4) On the homepage of the app, click on “View balance details” under your wallet amount.

5) Scroll down to the section where you will see your super cash balance.

Trick To Use / Convert Mobikwik Super Cash Into Wallet Balance

6) Simply click on “Statement”

Trick To Use / Convert Mobikwik Super Cash Into Wallet Balance

7) Click on “Convert to cash”

8) You will get a scratch card. Simply scratch the card and the amount written on scratch card will get converted to wallet balance from your super cash balance.

That’s it.

Final Words :-

We have shared every single details to need to convert mobikwik super cash into mobikwik wallet balance or use mobikwik super cash use trick. If you have any kind of issues or problems while using mobikwik supercash transfer trick then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible,

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