Facing Freecharge Suspicious Activity Observed Error? Here is the Solution

Are you searching for freecharge suspicious activity solution  or are you not able to apply promo codes in your freecharge account? If yes, they you are at right place as here, we are going to share the solution for suspicious activity observed issue while applying promo code on freecharge app.

Freecharge Suspicious Activity Observed Solution

Well, freecharge suspicious activity is a very common issues faced by freecharge users and admit it, this is the worst issues that users face while making transactions on freecharge. This error starts coming when freecharge system blocks you and once this error starts coming, you won’t be able to apply promo code on your freecharge account while making transactions.

Have you ever thought why this error is coming on your account? If no, then let me tell you the reason behind freecharge suspicious account activity.

Why Freecharge Suspicious Activity Observed Error Starts Coming While Applying Promo Code ?

Users start getting this error when freecharge detects unsual activity like applying multiple freecharge promo code in a very short span of time or opening multiple freecharge account on the same devices and these activities takes place when users are looting freecharge offers. At the time of looting, user tries to apply promo code in multiple freecharge account in the same device and at that time, freecharge detects that something unusual is happening and they simply block that account and after they block it, users can’t apply promo code in their freecharge account while making the transaction.

Reasons behind detection of unusual or suspicious activity in Freecharge :-

  1. Multiple account login from same device
  2. Logging in to freecharge account using parallel app or app twin.
  3. Using freecharge app in rooted devices
  4. Multiple login on freecharge website from same browser etc.

So, these are the reasons behind the freecharge account block. Now, we are going to share the solutions through which you can unblock freecharge account and again start applying promo code while making transactions.

Freecharge Suspicious Activity Solution :-

Solution 1 :-

  • Open the freecharge app
  • Log out from your freecharge account
  • Now, go to the login page and click on “Forgot Password”
  • Enter your email or mobile number on the account to want to unblock.
  • Verify your freecharge account using OTP sent to your mobile number or email.
  • Enter new password and confirm it.

After successfully changing password, simply initiate your transaction and proceed to payment page and apply promo code. BOOM !! Promo code will be applied successfully. This is the only solutions and another page is contacting freecharge customer care.

Solution 2 :-

Mainly the first solution will work for sure but in case it didn’t work then there is only once solution left i.e. contacting freecharge customer support. You need to write an email regarding account block and add the error you are facing and sent it to –¬†[email protected]

That’s it. You will get reply from them within 24 hours and your account will be unblocked.

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Final Words :-

So, these are the 2 solutions that can help you to unblock freecharge account and remove freecharge suspicious activity observed error while applying promo code. If you still have any kind of issues then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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