Idea Dialer Tones – How To Activate Or Deactivate Idea Caller Tune

Idea Caller Tunes – Hello guys, I hope every one is doing great. I have seen many users who want to activate Idea hello tone on their mobile number but they are not able to activate it because of no proper guide. So, we have decided to share methods through which you can activate Idea tone on your Idea mobile number easily. In this article, we are going to share all the details that you need to know i.e. Idea Dialer Tones songs list, Idea hello tunes charges etc.


Idea has launched a new services for it’s customers i.e. idea dialer tone service through which users can set any song as their caller tune or hello tunes which will be heard by the person who is calling them. Idea Hello tunes service can entertain your callers with your favourite Dialer Tone instead of the regular tring tring. You can choose from Bollywood Songs, International hits, Devotional Content, Instrumental clips , Humor, Status Tones and more. And if that’s not enough, you can also set your Name as your Dialer Tone!

Well, the trend of old school tunes i.e. bell ringing caller tune has gone already and now every users wants to replace the old bell ringing caller tune from their mobile numbers with latest or trending songs. So, Idea has fulfiled the demand of millions of users by launching its caller tune service and now, Idea is allowing you to choose your favourite song from whole idea caller tunes songs list across genres such as Bollywood, Regional, International, Instrumental, Devotional so that your loved ones can hear amazing songs while they are calling you.

Well, many users are searching for hello tunes activation methods but they are not able to find out all the possible ways to activate caller tune on their mobile number. So, we have done some research on how to activate caller tune or hello tune on Idea and found out some easy methods through which you can activate idea hello tunes easily.

Now, we are going to share all the possible methods to activate Idea dialertones on your mobile number and you can select any methods that looks easy to you.

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Ways To Set or Activate Idea Dialor Tones / Caller Tunes :-

Methods How To Set Idea Caller Tune
USSD Code Dial *696# and follow further instructions.
SMS DT <your Dialer Tone Code or song code>” and send it to “55456“.
Toll Free Number Dial 5678915 (Toll Free Number)and follow further instructions.
Idea Dialer Tones website Visit –
Idea Dialer Tones app Download Idea Dialer tones app from playstore


  1. Using Idea Dialer Tones website
  2. Using Idea Dialer Tones App
  3. Using USSD Code
  4. Sending SMS
  5. Using Idea Caller Tune Number

These are the 5 ways that you can use to set caller tune on your Idea mobile number. Now, we are going to share the steps of each methods and you can choose any method that you think suits you.

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#1 – How To Activate Idea Caller Tunes Using Idea Hello Tunes Website :-

1) Go to Idea Website From Here

2) On the homepage of the website, you will see this search box on the right left of the website page.

Idea Dialer Tones Website


3) You will get 3 options i.e. search via song/tone name, album/movie name and artist/singer name. You can select the checkbox and search accordingly. For example – I want to search songs of artist ‘Arjit’ so I have checked the artist checkbox and enter Arijit in search bar. Finally, click on “Search”.

4) You will get the results according to your search query. Simply, click on the phone icon.

Idea Dialer Tones Website Search Results


5) A popup will open, enter your Idea mobile number and click on “Activate”

6) Verify your mobile number using OTP.

That’s it.


#2 – How To Activate Idea Caller Tunes Using Idea Dialer Tones App :-

1) Download Idea Dialer Tones App From Here

2) Open the app

3) Give all the permissions to this app that it asks for.

4) Now, enter your mobile number and click Ok.

5) Your account will be created and after that, click on “Skip” and you will be redirect to the homepage of the app

6) Simply, search for you favourite songs and click on the song.

7) Now, you will see this screen. Simply, click on “All callers” or click on “Special Callers”

Airtel Hello Tunes App

8) Follow further procedure and that’s it, the tune gets set as your dialertone.

#3 – How To Activate Idea Caller Tone Using USSD Code :-

1) Open your mobile dialer

2) Dial – *696#

3) A popup will comes up and you will see lot of options on the flash popup.


4) Simply, reply with the number before the option or if you want to search for sings then simply, reply with 4.

5) Search your songs and activate it.

That’s it.

#4 – How To Activate Idea Dialer Tone Through SMS :-

1) Open your messages app.

2) Compose new message

4) Type – “DT <your Dialer Tone Code or song code>” and send it to “55456“.

(Note – To get your Dialer Tone Code, simply read the steps on the end of this method)

5) Follow further steps and activate your favourite songs as your hellotune.

How To Get Idea Dialer Tone Code :-

  • Go to this link
  • Search for your song
  • You will get to see the results. The dialer code will be shown right after the song name.

Find Idea Dialer Tone Code

  • Simply, copy this code and attach it in the message and sent it.

That’s it.

#5 – How To Activate Caller Tune Using Idea Caller Tunes Number (Toll Free) :-

Method 1 :

Simply, call the number and find your songs and activate it.

1) Dial – 5678915 from your Idea mobile number

2) Select your language

3) Now, you will hear lot of options. Select, any options which looks better to you.

4) Find your favourite songs and set it as your hellotune by following the further guide.

Method 2 :-

This method is more helpful if you already knew your idea dialer tone code. We have shown steps to find dialer tone code of your songs above. Simply, use those steps to find dialer tones and follow the steps below to activate that song on your mobile number.

Call on this number – 56789 + Dialer Tone Code.

For example – Your dialer tone code is 10533195. So, you need to combine this code with caller tune number i.e. 5678910533195 and dial it.

That’s it.

So, these are the ways through which you can set Idea caller tune on your Idea mobile number. You can choose any method that looks suitable to you. Now, we are going to share the methods through which you can deactivate Idea caller tune from your Idea mobile number.

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How To Deactivate Idea Caller tunes or Dialer Tones :-

Methods How To Deactivate Idea Caller Tune
SMS Send – “STOP” to ‘155223′
Number Dial – 155223 (Toll Free Number)

So, these are the ways to activate/deactivate or set/unset Idea caller tune on your Idea mobile number. Now, we are going to share some common questions and answers i.e. FAQ which can help you in case you have queries.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :-

Q1- How much will I be charged for this service?

Any new user will be charged Rs 39 for the service which will include the first selection at no additional charge (it is available at Rs 42 in MP and CG). Validity would be 28 Days for Prepaid and 30 Days for Postpaid susbcribers. Subsequent selection change will be charged at an event charge of Rs 15 per Tone change (no rental will be charged for this selection).These charges are applicable for both Post-paid & Prepaid users

Q2- Are there any handset compatibility issues for this service?

No, there are no handset compatibility issues. Dialer Tones service works on any handset model & make. And anyone calling you from a landline or mobile phone will be able to listen to the service as long as you have subscribed to the service and they have not subscribed to My Tones service. Customers with My Tones service will not be listen to your Dialer Tone as they will get to listen to the content that they have subscribed to listen to while their call to others is getting connected.

Q3- Do I get this service while roaming?

Yes, but it depends on the visiting network, as well

Q4- Do I get this service while I’m on international roaming?

Yes, but it depends on the network in the place you’re visiting

Q5- What happens in case of call waiting, can the caller hear my Dialer tone?

No, the call waiting prompt plays when the call is in waiting.

Q6 – How many types of Idea Dialer tones are ?

There are 4 types of dialer tones :-

Dialer Songs tones – Caller will hear the song you have activate as your hello tune.

Dialer Status Tones – Dialer Status Tones is a type of Dialer Tones service that allows users to inform their callers about their status at any point of time, similar to how you update your status on Social Media! Dialer Status Tones can be set when users are either unable to accept calls or when they wish to greet their callers differently (not with musical content such as songs etc).

Name Tones – Name Tones service is simply a Dialer Tones service where the selection clip announces your name to your callers.

Celeb Name Tones – Celeb Name Tones is a type on Name Tone service where a celeb announces your name to your callers.

Other Networks :-

Final Words :-

We have shared every single detail that you need to know about idea dialer tones / idea caller tunes and it’s activation and deactivation process. If you still have any kind of issues or queries then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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