Idea – How To Check Or Know Your Own Idea Mobile Number

Idea number check code – Did you just forgot your Idea number whether it is prepaid or postpaid? If yes, then you are at right place as here we are going to share the methods through which you can know your own Idea number within seconds.



Nowadays, all telecom companies are launching amazing voice & data plans on daily basis which is attracting new customers. Recently, my friend switched to Idea to begin using the better telecom service and offers. He bought the sim and get it activated on the same day. Well, registering to other network is way too easy but remebering the new mobile number is not.

Same thing happens with him. He didn’t even care to remember his Idea prepaid number and he gives a call on my number to get find out his number. Then one thought comes in mind that there must be a solutions for this problem as this problem is not with him only but all users who just bought new Idea prepaid or postpaid sim card just for availing internet data offers. And when their recharge plan is about to expire then they start making call to their friends or family member and tell them to note down their number and send to them on whatsapp or text.

So, we have made some research and found out some Idea number check code or ussd code through which you can easily know own Idea prepaid or postpaid number easily.

How To Know My Idea Prepaid/Postpaid Number :-

Idea Number Check USSD Code :-

1) Open your device’s dialor

2) Dial – *131*1#

3) USSD code will run and you will see a new popup on the screen.

Number Check Code

4) That’s it. You will get know your own Idea number without any problem.

Customer Number To Check Own Number :-

1) Open your mobile’s dialor

2) Dial 121 or 198

3) After the call is connected, simply select your language.

4) Now, you will start hearing different options. Simply, select “Mobile services” option.

5) Right after selecting the option, you will start hearing your mobile number.

6) Simply, note down the mobile number. That’s it.

Well, you got your number but did you still remember it? I know, your answer is No. So, to stop facing this problem again in future, I would like to share few methods through which you will never face this problem again.

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Methods To Find Own Idea Number Online :-

Once you check own Idea number using the Idea number check code, we suggest you to register your mobile number on these apps and you will not face this problem again in future.

Register on these apps using your mobile number :-

  • My Idea App
  • True Balance App

Register On My Idea App :-

1) Download My Idea App From Here and open it.

2) Enter your mobile number and verify it using OTP

3) That’s it. Now, you don’t need to remember your number as you just need to open my Idea app on your device and this app will display your mobile number.

Example :-

How To Check Own Number


Register On True Balance App :-

1) Download True Balance App From Here

2) Open the app

3) Register on the app using your mobile number

4) Verify your mobile number using OTP.

5) Grant all the permissions true balance app asks for.

5) That’s it. Now, you don’t need to remember your number as you just need to open true balance on your device and this app will display your mobile number.

Example :-

How To Find Own Mobile Number


Final Words :-

We have shared every single details i.e. how to know my Idea prepaid number or postpaid number using Idea number check code. Have any issues or queries? Feel free to comment below. We will get back to you within few minutes.

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