Momo Challenge – Everything You Need To Know About Momo Game

Momo Challenge Game Download – Hello guys, I hope every one is doing great. Do you know there is a new game launched recently which is spreading virally on social media and the name of the game of “Momo Challenge – A Horror Game”. In this article, we are going to talk about this game and how this game becomes the reason of death of a 12 years old girl in Argentina.

Momo Challenge Game Download

Have you heard about the game i.e. Blue Whale Game or also know as suicide game? If yes, then you have already got the idea about how this game works. A year back, Blue Whale game was launched in which the player chats directly with the admin of the game. In that game, admin give some tasks to the user and tell them to completed the task within a day and if a person refuses to complete the task then they are threatened by the admin that they have their all information and if they didn’t complete the task then they will come and kill your friends and family. And due to this pressure, players completed the task.

Blue Whale game is behind the death of many people. This is just a little detail about blue whale game and momo challenge game is just as similar as blue whale. Now, we are going to share the every details of momo challenge game you need to know about.

What is Momo Challenge Game :-

Momo Challenge Game, a recently launched game which has created chaos on social media. This game is spreading on social media like a viral disease. This game is also known as suicide game in which player will get tasks to complete daily and upload the proof of the task completed. The task can be very dangerous just like blue whale 50th task all about i.e. killing yourself.

How does Momo Challenge Game Works :-

  • Users go to playstore or any platform and download momo challenge game.
  • He open the app and create account on it in which he provides his name, email and mobile number.
  • Soon after registration, you will start getting message from an unknown number on whatsapp calling himself “Momo” and ask you to start the game.
  • He may also warn you that if you once begins then there is no way back and when you agree to his terms, you will start receiving task on daily basis.
  • You need to completed the task and send the proof of the task completed to the same whatsapp number.

May be the last task is all about killing yourself just as blue whale 50th task.

Who Created Momo Game :-

The creator of this game is still behind the light. We do not have any information about the creator of this game but we have information that, the momo i.e. may be the admin of this game has his account on big social media platform i.e. facebook, twitter and whatsapp through which momo communicate with the players of the game.

The logo of the game i.e. an image of the terrifying female sculpture first surfaced online – posted by Japanese doll artist Midori Mayashi, who is not associated with the viral game in any way.

Momo Game Challenge or Tasks :-

We have found an image on internet in which momo is sending a task to a player. Look at the photo below.

Momo Challenge Game Tasks


From this image, it is clear that the momo is threatning the players if they didn’t complete the task. In this, momo is saying that account will be hacked if task or challenge is not completed or accepted.

We don’t have any information about other challenges or tasks. We will add more information as soon.

Is there any incident due to Momo Challenge Game ?

Sadly, yes. According to the sources, we came to know that a girl was found dead and the reason of her death is the game.

Suicide by a girl :-

A 12 years old girl was found dead in Argentina. Police in Argentina are linking the game to the death of the girl as the girl has committed suicide.

Is there any incident due to Momo Challenge Game In India ?

Currently, there is no incident reported in India.

What should you do now ?

As you already knew, the blue whale game has killed many people in India too. Currently, there is no incident in India but if you ignore then there will be. The creator of this game just do things like hypnotize the players and players does things that they don’t even know about. They have no idea what they are doing. It is same like there mind is controlled by some one else.

Parents needs to look at this situations carefully. They need to check out their children mobile phones, monitor their activities online that what are they doing online etc. If you saw any strange behaviour in your child then you need to make your move.

Don’t let your child involve in these things. Talk to them as a friend and ask them if there is someone who is forcing you to do somthing. These efforts can save lives of your child.

Is Momo Challenge Game is fake or hoax?

Well, we can’t answer this question right now. From various sources, we have collected some images which states that things are happening in real.

The game was on playstore before but now it is removed. Here are the proof and this game has more than 50,000 users and has 3.8 ratings on playstore.

Momo Game Playstore Download

The kerela police has also reported this game and told the public to stay away from this game. Check out the below screenshot.

Momo Game Reported by Police


This may be fake or this may be real. Let’s don’t take any chances as our children life is directly related to his. Even this news is fake, the your efforts doesn’t do harms. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Momo Phone Number Real :-

Here are some screenshots in which the mobile number of momo is visible. Not know these are real or not. But you have got message from these numbers and any other number with same profile pic then please block that number. Don’t get engage with it.

Image 1 :-

Momo Phone Number Real

Image 2 :-

Momo Phone Number Real

Image 3 :-

In this images, the momo is giving a task to the player. We again tell you please don’t reply them.

Momo Challenge Game Tasks

Some users still search how to download momo challenge game online or momo challenge game download link and all as they want to test the things. But we don’t recommend to do these things.

Final Words :-

We have shared every single detail you need to about momo challenge game download. We will update this article as soon as we gets new updates on this game so we suggest you to susbcribe tricksinside. If you still have any queries then feel free to comment below.

Sharing this post with your friends and family so that everyone can be on safe side.

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