Airtel Call Details – How To Get Incoming & Outgoing Call Details

Does your mobile device gets formatted or call logs got deleted and you want to get my airtel call details? Well, don’t worry as here we are going to share all the details or information to get calls detail of any airtel number i.e. prepaid or postpaid. We are also going to talk about some dangerous methods that users uses to get details but they shouldn’t, so keep reading this article.


Airtel is one of the most popular telecom service provider company in India which is having millions of users under its customer base. Nowadays, every one is using smartphones and smartphones are capable of storing all the call details in call logs and you can even record every single calls with just clicking on “Record Call” option appear while answering the calls. But, the problem to fetch my airtel call details arises when either your smart phone got formatted or you have accidentally deleted the call logs.

In that case, getting the calls details of any airtel number becomes difficult. So, to encounter this problem we have done some research on this problem and found some possible solutions that you can use to get my airtel calls details of any airtel number.

There are 2 methods to get all airtel call details. One method is going to fetch you last 5 call details and other method is going to fetch you the call details of whole month. We are going to share both methods and you can use any method to according to your need.

Before sharing the guide, I want to tell you that while searching for this method, we have also found a method through which you can get calls details but that method can prove dangerous to you so we have explained why that method is dangerous and why you shouldn’t use that method and all you need is to read the full article properly to avoid future risks.

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How To Get Airtel Call Details of Prepaid or Postpaid :-

Method Information
USSD Code *121*7#
SMS Type – EPREBILL <Month Name> <your email address> and send it to 121.


USSD Code :

  • Dial *121*7#
  • You will get a popup about my airtel app. Simply, click on it and wait for few seconds.
  • You will get another pop in which you need to reply with 3.

That’s. You will get details of call deduction made within 72 hours.


1) Open your messages

2) Compose a new message

3) Type – “EPREBILL <Month Name> <your email address>“. For example – EPREBILL December p******** Note – You must enter your working email address as you will get airtel call details on email address. If you are facing message sending problems then reset your message center number. Have a look on this article – message center number of airtel.

How To Get Airtel Prepaid or Postpaid Call Details

4) Send it to 121.

5) That’s it. You will get this message i.e. ‘Your bill request has been received. Thank you for your request‘ instantly on your number.

My Airtel Login call details

6) Wait for around 1-2 hours and you will received this message – “Ref: Req ID 36******. Your airtel prepaid or airtel postpaid call details bill has been generated” and you will receive ebill within 6 hours.”

Airtel Call Details of any airtel number

7) After getting the request received message from airtel, open your email address and you will see an email from airtel which is going to have call details of airtel. Facing airtel internet related issues then try to change airtel apn settings.

Call details email

8) Click on the email and you will see a document attached in the email address and this document has the details of your calls. Simply, click on the document.

Document of call details

9) Right after clicking on the document, a new pop up will prompt asking your password to open this file as the document is password secure so that no one can have access to this file until they have the password.

Call details PDF password

10) To get the password, you need to look to your request generated message that you have received on step number 6. Look at the image on step number 6, and you will get see password to open the PDF received on the email. Simply, copy the password you have received on your airtel number.

11) After entering the correct password, you will get access to all the call details of the month you have entered by messaging.

Airtel calls details by sending sms

12) That’s it. This is the best and simply way to get calls details of any airtel number by sending a sms. If the whole list is covered with company number then we suggest you to deactivate airtel DND to get proper results in the list.

Now, we are going to share the methods that we are marking as dangerous method to get my airtel call details and we are also going to tell you why you should not use this method.

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How To Get Airtel Call Details of Any Airtel Number :-

This method is very popular on internet and this method will help you to see the call details instantly but this method can cause you some serious problem. We are talking about the methods that you have watched on youtube and other websites in which they are guiding users to download airtel call details app or similar app and through which you can view your call details instantly but these types of apps can cause you lot of damage if the owner want.

Before telling you the damage this app can cause, let me explain you how these apps work.

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How Airtel Fake Call Details Apps Works ?

Right after you download the apps, the app start to ask for the permissions to work. And when you give the permissions to the apps they ask for, apps will simply fetch the details from your smartphone’s call log and display it on your screen. So, you are seeing nothing but a another view of your call logs.

It looks simple but this step can cause a lot of damage i.e. app owners can save your call logs on their server whic means your all contact numbers on which you have recently been in touch will get leaked and these details can also be traded by the app owners in the market which can cause you huge problems.

So take my suggestions and stay away from these fake apps in order to be on safer side. You can always use the official methods to get my airtel calls details anytime.

Final Words :-

With the above details, we have given you the solutions of your questions like how to get airtel call details or details kaise nikale. If you still have any kind of issues or queries then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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