Tata Sky Emergency Recharge – How To Get 3 Days Emergency TopUp

If you have landed on Tata Sky Emergency Recharge Number page then your tata sky suscription might have expired or is about to expire but what If I tell you that you can get another 3 days of tata sky subscription for free i.e. tata sky loan. Well, I am not kidding as tata sky has launched a new 3 days loan topup service. In this article, we are going to share everything you need to know about this offer.

Tata Sky Emergency Recharge Number

Tata Sky has become one of the most popular direct broadcast satellite television provider in India and It has million of users. Well, Tata sky has understood user’s busy daily life and they knew that in user’s busy life, forgetting to topup or renewing tata sky subscription is very common and they don’t want to make their users angry by cutting their connections on expiry of their plans so they have launched their new service i.e. Tata Sky Emergency Recharge.

Many users have already heard about “Tata Sky Emergency Recharge” but if you haven’t then don’t worry we are going to tell you what is this service all about.

What Is Tata Sky Emergency Recharge Service All About :-

Tata sky has launched this service in which they are offering 3 Days Loan Topup after expiration of user’s subscription plans. Yes, you will get 3 days extra time to renew your plans or topup tata sky. If you haven’t understood it then you can related to the example below.

Example – Suppose, your tata sky data plan has expired or is expiring on 1st September and you didn’t renewed your plan yet then you can simply dial tata sky 3 day emergency recharge number to get 3 days loan topup. After successful loan topup, your subscription plan’s validity will be extended by 3 days i.e. your new expiry date will be 4th September. So, you will have 3 days more to recharge your tata sky.

Well, It is my advice that before availing any service online, you must check its terms and conditions. So, now we are going to share the terms and conditions of this service.

Tata Sky Emergency Recharge Number Terms :-

  1. Service is available for only those users who are paying or recharging their tata sky number on daily or monthly basis.
  2. This Offer can be availed only by subscribers who are paying Tata Sky on a daily or monthly basis (Subscribers). Long term plan user are not eligible for this service.
  3. You can use this number to get 3 days loan topup only on bill’s due date or day after expiration.
  4. Loan amount will get auto debited by tata sky on the 4th day.
  5. Subscriber can avail this Offer multiple times, subject to clearance of the previous credit amount availed. This means that prior to requesting for Emergency Top Up again, the Subscriber will need to recharge his account with the debited amount or more than the debited amount.
  6. For more details visit Offer Page

So, these are the terms and you must know before using this service. Now, we are going to share the step to use tata sky 3 day emergency recharge number.

How To Get 3 day Emergency Loan TopUp From Tata Sky :-

Tata Sky Emergency Recharge Number Details
Tata Sky Loan Through Missed Call 8891188911
Tata Sky Loan Through SMS Send “TOPUP <10 digit subscriber ID>” to “56633

Description of these methods are given below:

Tata Sky Loan By Giving Missed Call :-

  1. Open your device dialor and dial 88911 88911.
  2. The call will disconnect automatically after few seconds.
  3. That’s it. You will get 3 days extra on your tata sky plan.

Tata Sky Loan By Sending SMS :-

  1. Type “TOPUP <10 digit subscriber ID>” and send it to “56633
  2. That’s it. You will get 3 days extra on your tata sky plan.

Well, you will get loan topup easily using above information but do you know how to return this loan or where these 3 days extra will get charged or adjusted? Now, we are going to tell you how to return tata sky 3 day emergency loan.

How Much Loan Amount Can I Get ?

If monthly recharge amount of a Subscriber is Rs. 300/- (which means that the daily recharge balance is Rs. 10/-), a Subscriber can avail Rs. 30 (i.e. 3 days’ recharge balance) as Emergency Top Up amount, on recharge due date or immediate subsequent date. On or after the 4th day after the clearance of the 3 days recharge balance i.e. Rs. 30 in this case, Subscriber shall be eligible to avail this Offer again.

How Tata Sky Loan Gets Charged or How to Return It ?

Nothing is free in this world, If a company is giving you service then they will surely get something or charge something for offering this service to you. In case of tata sky, you don’t need to pay anything extra as Tata sky Emergency Top Up will be debited on 4th day from credit automatically, irrespective of Subscriber recharging his account.

Final Words :-

We have shared all the details you need to know about Tata Sky Emergency Recharge Number or tata sky 3 day emergency recharge number. If you still have any kind of issues then feel free to comment below. We will get back to you within as soon as possible.

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